NEWSZN exists to provide culture’s tastemakers with a premium cannabinoid experience while inspiring all to chase their art. It was born out of a youthful but sophisticated energy. Its founders are artists and cultural titans with a taste for the world’s best cannabis.....But an inside badge among these pop-culture heavyweights would only remain secret for so long. NEWSZN looks to share this creative inspiration with the world.

Spending time with hundreds of cultivators, this group of tastemakers eventually connected with the Cannabis Brothers- now cultivating the most premium strains on the market today.



Hidden Hills OG, by The Cannabis Brothers, is an indica-dominant hybrid that induces heavy full-body effects. The fragrance combines sour notes of tangy skunk, sweet pineapple, and jet fuel giving it an intoxicating smell all its own. With its high THC and CBD content it has both painkilling and stress-relieving properties as well as delivering a stimulating mental buzz. Hidden hills is one of the most coveted strains preferred by the most exclusive cannabis connoisseurs in the world.



Purple Demon is a indica dominant hybrid grown by The Cannabis Brothers. This beautiful flower blooms a dark purple with unmistakable orange hairs. This unique cross is known to bring happy &euphoric effects followed by a strong body buzz that is great for anxiety, depression. Unlike sedative indicas this is a perfect strain for stimulating creative thoughts for artists on the go.